Kellogg’s Screamin’ Fruit were a range of new lunch box snacks high in natural fruit content, with a proposition of INTERACTIVE, ACTION PACKED FRUIT SNACK SENSATIONS FOR KIDS. Interactivity was the unique quality. We created product names and graphics to depict their playful nature. For example Squirters burst in the mouth with yummy fruit puree. The Screamin’ Fruit characters were shown squealing with excitement as they portrayed the product in action. We also appealed to


Safetykleen is a leading supplier of parts washing services to car showrooms and garages. We won a strategic pitch using the Midas Buzzpoints process to launch their new cleaning cloth service in France. We branded the onsite dispensing unit the KLEENWIPE SERVICE POINT with impactful branding based around the Kleenwipe cloth. The strapline OUR SERVICE MAKES YOURS SHINE introduced their point-of-difference and the strong identity and graphics worked across all of the marketing collateral at


pwc had a low uptake of their reward and benefit programme coupled with a lot of late submissions. Employees didn’t understand the complex scheme and younger people didn’t think it was relevant to them. We wanted employees to see that pwc rewards could improve their leisure and family time, as well as their working life. The ‘Life – enjoy its benefits’ campaign streamlined the many messages and clustered the information by lifestage with benchmarked fictitious

Domalti – a new furniture brand

Home Décor’s huge range of sliding doors and components had different value propositions in each of its three European markets. Creating a brand that was exclusively from Italy and provided innovative design features appealed to discerning, fashion forward consumers across Europe. The name Domalti derives from Italian living and the strap line LIVING INSPIRATION represents the ‘feeling’ that these consumers want from their home environment. The double D logo creates the mark of an exclusive

Corporate Identity for AIM Business

Enteq Upstream is a growing global AIM business selling products and technologies to oil and gas customers. Creating a corporate identity for this fledgling business had create the right tone of voice to investors, employees, acquisitions and prospective customers. The Enteq Upstream logo style is clean and straightforward to appeal to the engineering market. The colour and design style is clean and refined to represent a technology driven high performance business, and the corporate architecture

Hygenie Branding

Bentley is a leading supplier of cleaning brushware for private label. To launch their first consumer brand, Bentley created a stylish range of household cleaning equipment with a built-in germ barrier. Our consumer research showed that the proposition and the product styling were exciting to consumers and they were open to trying a new brand in this market. The name Hygenie fits the positioning of PROTECTIVE HOUSEHOLD CLEANING and adds a little bit of magic.

Wright’s Baking Brand

The popularity of breadmakers had helped Wrights bread mixes become an established mainstream product range.  However, as the use of breadmakers slowed down, so did Wright’s sales.  We could see that Wrights Bread Mixes used ‘real’ ingredients to produce yummy bread – and it was really easy to do. We also observed that consumers were buying into the concept of ‘freshly made artisan bread’ but did not know how to bake it. We positioned the