Wrights saw an opportunity for a new range of speciality breads for independent food halls, so they partnered with celebrity chef Peter Sidwell to create the range. Looking at Peter’s bread recipes we could see his passion and enthusiasm for baking and using fresh bread. We used this to create meaning by encapsulating the character of each bread with a Peter Sidwell story as the main communication on front of pack. We used natural earthy


Although Norton was an established brand in the DIY market in France, it wasn’t known throughout the rest of Europe. The challenge was to create a range of sanding products that empathised with lifestyle values, with a more feminine approach. We took our inspiration from the paint market where brands were already using lifestyle imagery to communicate their products, speciality and appeal to different types of consumer; they are male and female, relatively practiced DIYers,


Kellogg’s Screamin’ Fruit were a range of new lunch box snacks high in natural fruit content, with a proposition of INTERACTIVE, ACTION PACKED FRUIT SNACK SENSATIONS FOR KIDS. Interactivity was the unique quality. We created product names and graphics to depict their playful nature. For example Squirters burst in the mouth with yummy fruit puree. The Screamin’ Fruit characters were shown squealing with excitement as they portrayed the product in action. We also appealed to


The leading cake mix brand, Betty Crocker, has a huge range of boxed cake mixes to suit every bakers taste. Wrights however, had mixes in small 500g bags which look insignificant on the shelf in comparison. We needed to establish a territory that Wrights could own and give them impact at point of sale. We identified that Wrights cake mixes are very versatile – one mix can make lots of different cakes – which enables

Hygenie Branding

Bentley is a leading supplier of cleaning brushware for private label. To launch their first consumer brand, Bentley created a stylish range of household cleaning equipment with a built-in germ barrier. Our consumer research showed that the proposition and the product styling were exciting to consumers and they were open to trying a new brand in this market. The name Hygenie fits the positioning of PROTECTIVE HOUSEHOLD CLEANING and adds a little bit of magic.

Wright’s Baking Brand

The popularity of breadmakers had helped Wrights bread mixes become an established mainstream product range.  However, as the use of breadmakers slowed down, so did Wright’s sales.  We could see that Wrights Bread Mixes used ‘real’ ingredients to produce yummy bread – and it was really easy to do. We also observed that consumers were buying into the concept of ‘freshly made artisan bread’ but did not know how to bake it. We positioned the