Norton is the world’s largest abrasive brand with 1000’s of products in 32 different countries. Over time the brand offer had become disparate and difficult to understand. Customers were confused and employees were uninformed. We created a new design style and brand expression across all merchandising, marketing communications and packaging throughout Europe. We reinforced Norton’s global position as brand leader and technological innovator. The newly defined visual identity underpins the brand values and effectively segments

The Hare and the Tortoise

Designed for use by a live presenter within an IFA Road Show environment, where a number of financial product providers ‘compete’ for audience attention. The brief was to create a presentation that would overshadow regular PowerPoint and remain in the audience minds long after the event. We used the hare and tortoise fable to create Harry and Terry, animated cartoon characters, who would interact with the live presenter. ‘Harry the Hare’ an ‘old-school’ IFA, running around