Hygenie Branding

  • Client:
    Bentley Brushware
  • Project:
    Creating a new consumer brand
  • Result:
    New opportunity in addition to private label business

Bentley is a leading supplier of cleaning brushware for private label. To launch their first consumer brand, Bentley created a stylish range of household cleaning equipment with a built-in germ barrier.
Our consumer research showed that the proposition and the product styling were exciting to consumers and they were open to trying a new brand in this market.

The name Hygenie fits the positioning of PROTECTIVE HOUSEHOLD CLEANING and adds a little bit of magic. The logo uses a soft approachable letter style in conjunction with a protective shield. The green and white are fresh colours that reflect the product design. Each product had two key messages: 1-the protective barrier and 2-an ingenious product feature.

The project included: Brand strategy, Consumer research, Positioning, Brand name, Brand identity, Product names and benefits, Packaging design.