Wright’s Baking Brand

  • Client:
  • Project:
    Consumer food brand identity
  • Result:
    Major listing increases and a platform for NPD

The popularity of breadmakers had helped Wrights bread mixes become an established mainstream product range.  However, as the use of breadmakers slowed down, so did Wright’s sales.  We could see that Wrights Bread Mixes used ‘real’ ingredients to produce yummy bread – and it was really easy to do. We also observed that consumers were buying into the concept of ‘freshly made artisan bread’ but did not know how to bake it. We positioned the brand as REAL BAKING MADE EASY and built on the brand legacy naming the consumer range WRIGHT’S BAKING. We introduced a strap line and created packaging that showed the yumminess and freshness of the bread.

The project included: Positioning, Naming, Strap line, Brand logo and Packaging.

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